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Not only... BOTANIES!

Gin Giüst is the result of a continuous search for quality and the right blend of botanies in order to offer to the refined consumer a unique and excellent

• Soft wheat distillate produced in Italy and certified as 96.5% pure organic farming.

• Eight natural botanies from the Spluga Valley.

• Artisan Millefiori honey produced by the De Stefani family which, since 1930, has been looking for quality with passion.

• Acqua Frisia, microbiologically pure natural mineral water with low mineral content from Val Bregaglia used to produce our high quality distillate
in all its components.

Below we report the main botanies, you will discover
the others while tasting our Gin Giüst!


The berries , thanks to their slight humidity, contribute to make the dominant flavor pleasantly spicy, herbaceous and woody balsamic. It grows up to 2.500 m and blooms in the summer months.


The dried root, belonging to the Apiacea family, gives a complex, earthy and aromatic taste.

It grows in our humid forests up to 1.600 m and
blooms from June to August.



Its aromatic flower of the Artemisia genus grows
naturally in the summer months at an altitude between 2.000 and 3.000 m. It has balsamic, stimulating properties and promotes digestion.


Also known as "Iva grass", it grows in the Alps between 1.400 and 3.000 meters. Its very fragrant white or pink flowers stimulate the secretion of gastric Juices, digestion and promote blood pressure.

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